Delta Global School

How do you build an international school that reflects local culture and context?

This project took place in Hanoi, Vietnam
Project Location

Hanoi, Vietnam

A teacher shows a class how to play basketball

PLUSSED led both the design and launch of Delta Global School (DGS), a bilingual international school in Hanoi. The product of a partnership between Riverdale and Doan Thi Diem School, with the philanthropic support of local businesses, DGS was the first school in Vietnam to offer 50% of its students financial aid. The curriculum, pedagogy, and approach to assessment combine best practices from around the world with a deep connection to Vietnamese culture, history, art, and literature. Additionally, the school features a five-day-a-week advisory program to help students build critical life skills.

At the heart of the school is an advisory program that helps students build skills like empathy and collaboration.

How it started

The project was accomplished on an accelerated timeline, beginning in 2018 and opening only a year later with an inaugural cohort of 65 sixth graders.

Where it is now

Two years in, the enrollment has grown to over 90 sixth and seventh-graders, and the school has received more than 1,500 student applications.

What's next

DGS’s intentional approach to expansion will add one grade each year until it serves students through high school.


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