Graded, The American School of São Paulo

How do you approach systemic change in an already successful school?

This project took place in São Paulo, Brazil
Project Location

São Paulo, Brazil

A teacher shows a class how to play basketball

PLUSSED is supporting a professional learning redesign at the K-12 international school Graded (The American School of São Paulo). The new approach focuses on the science of learning and how it informs curriculum design, innovative instructional practices, and alternative assessment techniques. The resulting systemic plan involves training of leadership and the establishment of “deeper learning” coaches for each division, in addition to working with the school’s board and keeping the parent community informed.

The focus is on meaningfully infusing learning science into the day-to-day practice of teachers.

How it started

Graded superintendent Richard Boerner saw an opportunity to improve upon their already successful model—and position the school as a leader in 21st-century international education—through the integration of learning science throughout the K-12 curriculum and professional development program.

Where it is now

Coaches are working with classroom teachers across all three divisions on a pilot that applies science of learning principles to instructional strategies and formative feedback. An outside assessment team is measuring the impact of those efforts on specific student learning goals and the efficacy of the professional learning model.

What's next

Cycles of data collection and analysis, and subsequent program improvements, will be ongoing, with the goal of enhancing student learning school-wide and sharing successful strategies with the larger educational community.



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