Christian Mingle Review

For more information on the site’s safety features, you can read the website’s Privacy Policy and Safety notice. According to the tagline, Christian Mingle is an online dating platform forfaith-driven men and womento find other Christian singles. It’s a place to find love and deep connections – not hookups, since the whole casual sex scene doesn’t really gel with good Christian values. Our website has extensive information about various products and dating services.

  • It’s bright, professional and does its best to create a community of like-minded Christian men and women.
  • Both of the websites provide some specific advantages to members.
  • First, we look at the “Online” list of members for all of our sample searches.
  • As a nice touch, though, the Messaging+ feature lets you a) send unlimited messages and b) lets you send messages to free users who will be able to see what you’ve written.
  • Hopefully, a particular member will make you want to upgrade your services.

On Christian Mingle, it’s just a very basic indication of boxes ticked. Christian Mingle provides a number of daily matches that suit your desired criteria for you to flick through. This is a pretty standard dating site feature and might be a real plus for Christian Mingle members who don’t have time to peruse the site more widely. The most time-consuming part of creating your Christian Mingle profile is actually waiting for it all to be approved by the site mods. Every profile is checked for authenticity, including pictures being run against search engines to check they aren’t stock photos or pulled from image searches. To qualify as a ‘Christian’ marriage, in fact, couples surveyed only had to attend church once every 4-6 months. This is pretty paltry church attendance by Christian Mingle standards — 7% of the site’s users are regular churchgoers.

But I managed to get little idea of how you can make it on line. I tried swiping, but this type of a shallow way just isn’t my personal sturdy fit.

When I arrived here and got a paid account I only got messages from scammers. I mailed customer service on my first day and told them how bad the site was nobody responded of course. I forgot to switch auto-renew off so after a month I had to pay another month to the scammers. On Trustpilot, it receives 1.5 out of five stars.

Christian Mingle has a feature known as LookBook that is a yay or nay type matching function. Basically, it operates like this—the site shows you a picture of a member with some of their basic information, and you can select if you like them or not. Your picture and info is also being shown to other people. If two singles like each other, the system will notify you both of the match. This is a great way to see some fresh faces and possibly spark up some interest with someone. Notice at the top right of the box you have the option to skip all of this. This is the same on every page of Christian Mingle’s sign up process.

The basic preferences you need to indicate include gender, age, distance, religion, and relationship type. Sufficient free features to set up a complete profile, browse freely, and respond to messages.

Premium Membership Features

I’ve never used a Christian site before, and honestly I thought it might be full of what most people would term Jesus freaks. The community is positive, uplifting and very willing to engage with other members. Christian Mingle makes things easy right from the off. It’s bright, professional and does its best to create a community of like-minded Christian men and women.

Fast Facts About Christian Mingle

They do not do background checks on the people who sign up. It’s in their disclaimer, but unfortunately I missed it. Many of the people who seemed “interested” gave false information. They would write about being in the military, or on an oil rig.

It’s a more serious, real-relationship focused type dating site that tends to attract a lot of Christian singles. If you’re looking for something a little deeper that’s available right now (since Higher Bond isn’t launching for a few weeks), maybe check out eHarmony. But we think you need to see if it’s right for you on your own!

Yes, while you can cancel after only one month, but unfortunately you will not receive any kind of refund for the rest of the subscription that you haven’t used. Christian Mingle makes it easy to cancel and doesn’t ask any questions about why you’re leaving. So, what do you do if you’re still interested in finding quality Christian singles but you know Christian Mingle isn’t the right fit? Well, here are some alternative options that you can consider trying. Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and manage your listing.