Filipino Wedding Traditions

Filipino wedding party traditions are filled with unique and fascinating rituals. Many of them revolve around the couple’s faith and therefore are practiced due to its significance for the bride and groom.

The Unity Candle

One of the most crucial ceremonies of a Filipino wedding is definitely the lighting of the unity candlestick, which signifies the newlyweds’ oneness and new your life mutually. This habit is traditionally performed with the help of flames from the friends and family candles, an indicator of their link with their families and their faith.

A Veil and Cable

At the end from the ceremony, the godparents or ninang and ninong (family members) usually wrapping a etiqueta lace veil over the bride-to-be and groom to symbolize their endless bond of fidelity. That is a tradition that is commonly performed at Catholic and Christian Filipino wedding ceremonies.

A Rice Wheat Throwing Towards the Newlyweds

During the bride and groom’s depart from the church, or at the reception, guests toss rice graine on the few as a indication of good lot of money. In popular idea, this is a method to shower the newest couple with relationship with vietnamese woman luck and prosperity, making sure that they can be fertile and abounding as couple.

Parent Blessings

As part of a Filipino wedding, it is customary to ask for and receive benefits from parents before the wedding. That is a way to make sure the few is blessed which has a happy and healthy life, despite any kind of hurdles they may confront.