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From a natural and renewable source, this olive derived emollient mimics a lipid found in the skin offering additional nourishment and moisture. A formula enhancer, it helps other ingredients to penetrate the different layers of the skin faster and feels light on the skin. A plant cell complex derived from the Blue Bird Hibiscus plant, this anti-oxidant stimulates the skin metabolism, slows down the natural oxidation process and reduces the production of free radicals. The result is a visible decrease in wrinkle size and depth, as well as an improved skin tone. It is naturally nourishing yet because it offers better spreadability than its synthetic counterparts, it doesn’t feel sticky on your skin.

Grown in New Zealand and up cycled from the food industry, Kiwifruit seeds are cold pressed to extract a 100% natural oil with an extremely high concentration of Alpha Linolenic Acid. From sustainably managed forests, and a byproduct of the paper industry, this resin from the pine family is used to create a water resistant film and hold. A naturally occurring white mineral used in cosmetics to provide opacity, brightness and pigment. Penetrates deep into the skin to help balance sebum production. Sandalwood oil helps balance and soothe the skin as well as aiding in toning and firming the skin. A Natural, skin-friendly, preservative-boosting and moisturising alternative to petroleum-based XLM glycols.


A component used in the coating of a substrate to achieve the desired effect of certain colour pigments. High in antioxidants, hydrating and nourishing to the skin and provides a luxurious skin feel. One of the earths most abundant minerals, in cosmetics used as MATIC a powder providing high oil absorption. A thick plant oil high with a low molecular weight to penetrate the skin easily for added skin softening. Ultra fine powder derived from wood used to create a soft focus blurred effect.


This creates a barrier to the skin with superior moisturising qualities. Made from renewable, sustainable ingredients using green chemistry. Helps promote collagen synthesis, retain skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. We not only refuse to test our products on animals, we also choose ingredients that are strictly not tested on animals and we don’t use animal products anywhere in our range.

Coconut Alkanes

Every single ingredient has been chosen with meticulous attention to both functionality and ethics. From our earliest days we have sought out 100 percent cruelty-free, vegan, and people and planet friendly components. Born from the knowledge and makeup artistry of founder Emma Peters, aleph has developed a personalised process to find the most complimentary shades for your unique complexion. Select our specialised quiz, or opt for a personal colour consult. As an extension of our partners, across new and existing geographies, we hire dedicated local teams of industry professionals, and platform experts. They work hand in hand with advertisers and agencies to achieve their business goals by educating, and supporting them in the creation, implementation, and realization of their advertising campaigns.

  • Due to the rugged and arid climactic conditions of it’s native Mexico, this plant produces wax to protect itself from water loss.
  • Commercially known as Annatto, the Bixa Orellana plant has been used since Mayan times for it’s culinary and many healing properties.
  • We are widening access to digital advertising and equalizing the global digital ecosystem.

The concept and notation are due to Georg Cantor,who defined the notion of cardinality and realized that infinite sets can have different cardinalities. A palm-free alternative medium chain triglyceride derived from castor bean and coconut, Tripheptanoin is a non-sticky and non-greasy natural emollient. Widely used in the cosmetic and food industry, when produced incorrectly it causes massive destruction to the environment and the habitats of both animals and indigenous peoples. We consciously choose to limit the use of palm oil in all Aleph products.


Aleph is devoted to the exploration of the interface between Judaism and science in history. We welcome contributions on any chapter in the history of science in which Judaism played a significant role, or on any chapter in the history of Judaism in which science played a significant role. Science is conceived very broadly, including the social sciences and the humanities. History of science is also broadly construed within its social and cultural dimensions.

The assumption that the cardinality of each infinite set is an aleph number is equivalent over ZF to the existence of a well-ordering of every set, which in turn is equivalent to the axiom of choice. This light and non-oily skin conditioning ingredient is a natural emollient alternative to mineral oil and silicone. A natural emollient made of 100% sustainably-sourced coconut oil fatty acids, coconut alkanes help to lock in moisture into your skin while nourishing it. An effective alternative to silicon, this also aids with pigment dispersion without forming a sticky, greasy film on the surface of the skin. In set theory, the Hebrew aleph glyph is used as the symbol to denote the aleph numbers, which represent the cardinality of infinite sets.

This time unleashing heavy riffage in the form of Häxmästaren. Groovy stoner rock with amazing vocals and guitar tones that are not for the faint-hearted. Get all 4 aleph א releases available on Bandcamp and save 40%. Enhances keratin production while conditioning the lashes, preventing break off allowing for longer, stronger lashes.

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In the middle of the word, the letter represents either a glottal stop between vowels , a long i/e (less commonly o/a) or is silent. If all places in the universe are in the aleph, then all stars, all lamps, all sources of light are in it, too. Besides running and configuring the Aleph server, the documentation also covers separate tools that are used to process data flexibly, interact with Aleph, or export data to another format. The inherent multi-tier client/server structure and conformance with the latest industry standards guarantees that Aleph will meet your needs today and in the future. Aleph welcomes contributions on any chapter in the history of science in which Judaism played a significant role. The journal also welcomes proposals for comprehensive essays.

Luminous Performance Benchmarks

Dr Anna Christmann (B’90/GRÜNE; BMWK) opens Aleph Alpha’s AI data centre alpha ONE and with that becomes the first infrastructure core for the “AI for Government Programme” of GovTech Campus Germany. Just recently, Aleph Alpha released Luminous, the largest European AI language model. We are widening access to digital advertising and equalizing the global digital ecosystem. Is in enclitic positions, it is pronounced no/na (again west/east), rather than the full form eno/ana. The letter occurs very regularly at the end of words, where it represents the long final vowels o/a or e.

As our book opens, ‘vayikra’ has a small aleph – The Jewish Star

As our book opens, ‘vayikra’ has a small aleph.

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We value ingredients that are in synchronicity with planet Earth. Our ingredients must be sourced ethically and sustainability and they must do no harm to people, planet or animals. Our proprietary Twitter API solution offers campaign setup management and optimization to maximize performance.

A long chain fatty acid used for pigment dispersion and moisturisation. It also offers better pigment dispersion so make-up application is more efficient. Used as a non-greasy, non-tacky, biodegradable alternative to silicone, ethyl macadamiate is an ester made by blending fatty acids of macadamia oil with ethyl alcohol. Use our Shade Matcher to quickly find the most complimentary shades for your unique complexion, or connect with one of our makeup artists for a personal colour consult. We do this to avoid the unnecessary consumption of this precious resource as well as preventing water from being trapped in packaging.

Sodium sulfate a simple inorganic salt and not to be confused with surfactant sulfates such as SLS commonly found in personal care items. Sodium sulfate is used in one of our ingredients to aid with the drying of the resin mix and not a surfactant. Biodegradable and natural emulsifier derived from olive and coconut.

We own and operate Europe’s largest commercially available high-performance AI cluster, which is located in Germany. Customers with sensitive data can process their data in compliance with European requirements for data protection and security on sovereign, European computing infrastructure. We have open-sourced our core codebase to spark constructive discussions with research- and open-source communities on how to develop transformative AI applications that generate trust and acceptance for AI.