2Who are you?
3What is your idea?
4What is your idea? (con't)
5And now, more about you again...

Thank you for your interest in Next Pencil. In the following pages, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and your idea. If we are a good fit, we will reach out to you by May 20 with next steps. We look forward to potentially working with you starting in the summer of 2017!

With many education-based incubators in existence around the country and around the world, what makes our program unique is that we are looking for ideas (products, processes, services, technologies) that are coming from on-the-ground and from a deep understanding of what is necessary to make receiving an education more impactful, relevant and long-lasting. Our intention will always be to intently listen to you and help you meaningfully translate your ideas into practical and effective applications, by not only supporting you in building out your idea, but by also working alongside you to figure out ways to bring those developed ideas into schools or other relevant platforms and plant the seeds of essential and powerful changes. We are looking for people from all walks of life to be dedicated to turn these ideas into tangible or practical tools and services.

The pencil was invented in 1564 and nearly 500 years later, we need to find the next pencil.