PLUSSED+ Pressed

PLUSSED+ Pressed is our newest venture. It aspires to publish educational, inspiring and encouraging books, workbooks, ebooks and textbooks at competitive prices. We take care of all levels of publishing, including:
  • Identifying and reaching your target market
  • Editing
  • Copy editing
  • Peer reviewing
  • Artistic design
  • Page design and chapter layout consulting
  • Binding
  • Distribution
PLUSSED+ Pressed’s interconnected and intimate relationship with educational institutions, specifically Riverdale Country School, gives any authors considering publishing with PLUSSED+ Pressed a level of reassurance not felt with most other publishers. Signing on with us is a guarantee that your work will be handled by thoughtful and creative education professionals, with determination to make it successful, regardless of who is in the target market.


Executive Functions at Home and School

A concise workbook for parents and teachers that explores the key executive function skills that allow young learners to thrive and strengthen those skills at home and school.

by: Christina Young MS.Ed LPC with Christina Nichols PhD with Foreword by Edward Hallowell MD