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A serious conversation about the limits of gun rights and about sensible control needs to take center stage in public policy to protect the health and well-being of all people. One of the guns used in Columbine was a 9mm carbine and in the Sandy Hook massacre a Bushmaster XM15-E2S rifle definition of reflective essay were both assault weapons. Dylan Klebold and Eric Herres got their weapons illegally same with the people that shoot up Sandy Hook. If assault weapons were banned at that time all of the students that died that day would still be alive and probably should have bright futures.

essay on gun control

However, if you choose a unique and controversial topic, make sure you have enough information to back it up. Include enough evidence to support all sides of the debate. But at that moment I glanced round at the crowd that had followed me. It was an immense crowd, two thousand at the least and growing every minute. I looked at the sea of yellow faces above the garish clothes-faces all happy and excited over this bit of fun, all certain that the elephant was going to be shot. They were watching me as they would watch a conjurer about to perform a trick.

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After every horrific incident, the debate over guns starts up again. Gun control supporters demand stricter control and, in the case, that a new bill is introduced, gun right advocates say the government is trying to take away their guns. Everything stops, and no major change happens and then everything happens all over again.

  1. And just a few days before that, we mourned the people killed in a mall shooting in Oregon.
  2. A new mid-range sofa costs between $1000 and $3000.1 Most likely, a person protects their investment by applying a stain guard, but having a pet cat can pose its own threat.
  3. And it was at this moment, as I stood there with the rifle in my hands, that I first grasped the hollowness, the futility of the white man’s dominion in the East.
  4. In most developed societies struggling with gun-violence, people advocating for control have succeeded by restricting their possession or banning their use.
  5. According to the LA Times, the number of mass casualty shootings has increased dramatically in recent years.
  6. However, there are multiple ways to steer a cat’s inborn desire to scratch in a suitable direction.
  7. After that came the Gun Control Act 1968 whose focus was mainly the regulation of the transfer of firearms.

The three most important reasons for this is the gun culture, the number of assault weapons and the influence of the NRA . The emergence of the US gun culture has resulted in many people living in fear especially since there is such a large number of firearms which are also somewhat easily available after 1865. According to the Washington Post in 2013 there were 357 million firearms in the USA which is already exceeding its population by 40 million. 1 By examining the large number of assault weapons possessed by the American citizens one can undoubtedly say that guns are a part of their way of life and their culture. Assault weapons are the newest and the most popular type of firearm.

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And it was at this moment, as I stood there with the rifle in my hands, that I first grasped the hollowness, the futility of the white man’s dominion in the East. Here was I, the white man with his gun, standing in front of the unarmed native crowd – seemingly the leading actor of the piece; but in reality I was only an absurd puppet pushed to and fro by the will of those yellow faces behind. I perceived in this moment that when the white man turns tyrant it is his own freedom that he destroys.

essay on gun control

Unlike a persuasive essay that uses emotion to sway its audience, an argumentative essay uses logic and reason to state its case. It uses a clear pathway of logic and reason to state its case. To use this form in an argumentative essay, the first thing to do is introduce the argument.

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Court of Appeals struck down the state of Illinois’ ban on carrying concealed weapons. Ohio is considering a bill to allow guns to how long is a essay be carried in the Capitol parking lot and Michigan passed a bill that would allow people to carry guns at schools and churches.

  1. It was a very poor quarter, a labyrinth of squalid bamboo huts, thatched with palmleaf, winding all over a steep hillside.
  2. Qualifying the other side means parts of the opposing argument can’t be dismissed entirely.
  3. It is essential to focus on the issue of gun control and assess the essence of imposing rules on the same.
  4. Gun control advocates say it was intended to allow states to maintain the equivalent of today’s National Guard units.
  5. He was an Indian, a black Dravidian coolie, almost naked, and he could not have been dead many minutes.
  6. Following the horrific act, which officials are saying is being investigated as domestic terrorism, reality star Kim took to social media to share her thoughts on gun control as well as her heartbreak over the tragedy.

Next, explain and refute the opposing viewpoint, then provide proof. People have a right to be allowed to own x if owning x is not intrinsically immoral and there are no overriding contingent reasons for prohibiting the owning of x. In other words, there is a defeasible presumption in favour of liberty.

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A persuasive essay would present facts and include how safe guns make people feel. Homicide by intentional firearm is only the 107th most common cause of death in the United States according to the CDC . The NRA says, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” This may be partially true, but without guns it would be harder to kill so many people so quickly and so easily. Swinging a broadsword is unlikely to kill 30 people in a matter of minutes. short essay length The NRA also argues that gun control only keeps the guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens while “criminals” still have access. True or not, if there are fewer guns around, statistically there will be fewer gun-related deaths. Argumentative essays are quite prevalent in university or college settings, particularly in the disciplines like General English, Gender studies, Political History of Science, Psychology, Social Science or History.

A new mid-range sofa costs between $1000 and $3000.1 Most likely, a person protects their investment by applying a stain guard, but having a pet cat can pose its own threat. It’s frustrating when a cat decides to start scratching on the furniture, and some people decide the best way to avoid it is to have their cats declawed. The conclusion will usually reiterate the thesis, summarize the essay in response to the evidence provided, and possibly ask the audience to act on the issue’s behalf. However, there are a couple of variations to experiment with. Two issues kind of jumped up at me from this – one is on the question of what you mean by guns; the other pertains to your safety statistics. I think her point is that the right of the people to keep and bear arms IS subject to a cost/benefit analysis. It’s important to keep in mind that the right of the people to keep and bear arms is not subject to any sort of cost-benefit analysis, which would be perverse on the face of it.

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It was discovered that these guns were used in the Yemeni civil war by militia men to abuse human rights. In doing so, the perpetrators contravened European Union laws and breached global Arms Trade Treaty .

To get comments on your essay, share a draft with your friends. Carefully revise your work based on your classmates” evaluation and feedback. As soon as I saw the elephant I knew with perfect certainty that I ought not to shoot him. It is a serious matter to shoot a working elephant – it is comparable to destroying a huge and costly piece of machinery – and obviously one ought not to do it if it can possibly be avoided.

Should the Government Ban Assault Weapons?

When taking an exam and required to write an argumentative essay, there may not be any sources available to defend a position. Using logic to formulate an argument helps guarantee it will be understandable and reliable. Regarding , can’t we iterate this argument backwards as well? If it is impermissible to own defensive weapons because of the risk of an arms race, then it would seem that civilians should not be allowed to own any kind of weapon.

Hence the only means with which citizens can defend themselves is with their own arms and legs — which surely is implausible. To ensure happy Mother’s Days for all of us, for years to come, please go to to learn how you can prevent gun violence, and bring our no-cost training to your school and community. Ban the sale of assault weapons such as the Bushmaster and the AR-15. If there were an infectious disease that could be prevented with a side-effect-free vaccine, we would look askance at anyone who did not get the inoculation. In fact if that disease could lead to the death of other people, then under public health law, one might be required to be vaccinated.

Joe Biden calls for tougher gun laws following mass shootings in US

Individuals within the society without guns are at more risk of being attacked than those who are armed (Azrael, et al. 295). Authorities should consider eliminating legislation that restricts gun use in a bid to ensure that the society is safer. Gun control measures risk the safety of the population and, thereby, should be avoided. According to La Valle, policies are not the major problem in increased gun violence and the high rates of bridge introduction paragraph crime within society. The research focuses on two groups one that favors gun control policies and those that are against restrictions . The group that supports the elimination of control policies argues that the weapons are used for self-protection. On the other hand, the group that advocates for licensing and implementation of control policies argues that laws will reduce homicide rates and, consequently, the crime rate in the society.

  1. An example of a country that has high gun violence cases is the United States.
  2. For instance, AI uncovered exportation of arms in Saudi Arabia-led coalition.
  3. Based on feedback from schools and youth organisations Sandy Hook Promise has partnered with, we know that our training has prevented multiple planned school shootings and suicides, and reduced bullying.
  4. With this simple statistic it is no wonder the gun situation is as bad as it is at the present time.
  5. When Al buys a gun with the intent of defending himself against an armed bad guy he is repudiating, albeit weakly, the state’s monopoly on violence; sparking an arms race; increasing the risk to Bruce.
  6. If it is impermissible to own defensive weapons because of the risk of an arms race, then it would seem that civilians should not be allowed to own any kind of weapon.
  7. Therefore, the National Firearms Act is not unconstitutional for reserving the powers of the states and for violating the Second Amendment.

In his article, “Against Gun Bans and Restrictive Licensing,” the author provides an argument against restrictions on the use of guns . The author argues that more guns within the society can lead to increased safety for many within the society. The article is informative on why many societies essay on why america is great in the world should reduce restrictions on gun use and issuance . As such, the research supports the argument on reducing regulations and impositions on use of guns across the world. So let’s take a look at some of the most interesting healthcare controversial argumentative essay topic ideas.

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When most people hear the term ‘assault weapon’, they think of an unnecessary weapon and their connections to mass shootings. That type of thinking is necessary when it comes to these types of weapons, and too many those disagree with people who think this way.

essay on gun control