PLUSSED was born out of curiosity and the belief that learning allows us to grow, to find purpose, and to create meaning.


Our Story

The seeds of our work were planted over a decade ago at Riverdale, where we began as a lab dedicated to challenging the status quo within K-12 education.

Our name was inspired by Walt Disney, who encouraged his employees to “plus” ideas during meetings—building upon or strengthening them, rather than simply criticizing. That collaborative, “yes, and…” spirit is core to who we are and how we work. 



PLUSSED’s goal is to support teaching and learning for everyone, in any context, through research, storytelling, design and prototyping, and knowledge sharing. Our work encompasses three primary areas of focus: Riverdale-specific initiatives; projects with external partners; and R&D within the broader field of education.

And while we are proud of where we’ve been, we are even more excited about where we’re heading. Our ambition is to become a leading model of open-source research and innovation for schools to replicate around the world.