Anna Hall

Anna Hall

Executive Director

Permission to Wander

Anna is a curious cat.  After college, she worked as a speechwriter, policy analyst, product developer—and even (occasional) poet— before landing in the New York City Teaching Fellows program, which sparked her decades-long love affair with teaching, learning, and building things.


In 2003, Anna joined the founding team of a small South Bronx high school, co-designing and building the program, recruiting and coaching faculty, teaching, and eventually serving as principal. This vibrant community was her first real professional home, and remains an essential anchor for her practice and passions.

We’re doing it right if we’re stretching the boundary of how we define school—if we can envision school as a place where humans come to grow and thrive, and build accordingly.

Working at Scale

Prior to joining the PLUSSED team, Anna served as a senior leader at two education innovation start-ups, Springpoint and Transcend, where she helped build emergent programs, teams, and culture.  In the course of that work, she supported the design and launch of more than 20 new schools in cities across the United States.

Network Effect

Anna sees PLUSSED as an evolved model for R&D in education—an innovation engine that helps facilitate the exchange of ideas between schools and outside organizations, creating more dynamic, equitable experiences for teachers and learners.