Anna Hall

Anna Hall

Executive Director

Change Agent

Anna traveled the world after college, working as a speechwriter, researcher, product developer, and poet before joining the NYC Administration for Children’s Services as a policy analyst. Frustrated by the lack of educational opportunities for kids in the system, she decided to advocate for reform as a New York Teaching Fellow.

From the Ground Up

In 2003, Anna joined the founding team of a small South Bronx high school, co-designing and building the program, teaching writing, and eventually serving as principal. By the time she departed a decade later, the Bronx Academy of Letters had graduated over 650 students and added grades six to eight.

Great education design should stretch the boundary of how we define school and who is considered a learner.

Anna Hall

Working at Scale

Prior to joining the PLUSSED team, Anna was a senior leader at two education innovation start-ups, Springpoint and Transcend, where she helped grow both businesses while launching more than 20 new schools and working with public and private partners to redesign existing programs and systems.

Network Effect

Anna sees PLUSSED as a new model in education—an innovation engine that helps facilitate the exchange of ideas between schools and outside organizations, creating more dynamic, equitable experiences for teachers and learners.