Dominic Randolph

Dominic Randolph

PLUSSED Founder & Riverdale Head of School

Changing Course

Dominic’s first foray into education was teaching English—a job he took on to support himself as he pursued opera singing and visual art. However, what began as a side gig developed into a passion, and he went on to hold multiple teaching and leadership positions across schools in Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S.

Core Values

Helping learners find purpose and meaning has been a priority for Dominic throughout his career. Since joining Riverdale as Head of School in 2007, he’s built a series of pioneering character education programs, including The Character Lab with Grit author Angela Duckworth and KIPP founder Dave Levin.

Schools are an underestimated potential resource of innovation.

Dominic Randolph

Common Ground

The learning framework shared by Riverdale and PLUSSED—Think, Build, Share, Reflect—was developed by Dominic to help people communicate more effectively about their learning processes and experiences. The approach is rooted in design thinking and embodies the organic, continuous process of acquiring knowledge.

Building for the Future

Dominic founded PLUSSED as a self-sustaining learning design lab—a way to support and amplify innovation within the Riverdale community while establishing a model that could be replicated at schools around the world.   

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