Jazmin Rogers

Jazmin Rogers

Director of Special Projects

Embracing the “Why?”

As an undergraduate at Columbia University, Jazmin planned to study Physics but pivoted to Philosophy, inspired by its focus on questions rather than answers. Her love of education grew during her work-study job at a K-8 school, a position she held for four years before graduating and joining as a full-time faculty member.

Bridging the Gap

In her previous role as a middle school teacher at Riverdale, Jazmin helped students navigate the challenging transition from lower to upper school math, prioritizing open communication with families, personalized support, and engaging lessons informed by history and art.

Students should understand why they’re learning, not just what they’re learning.

Jazmin Rogers

Support System

Jazmin collaborates with PLUSSED’s partners around the world to create curricula that balance local standards with 21st-century learning skills. She builds internal capacity within schools through tools and resources for teachers that adapt to a range of ability levels.

Key Ingredients

For Jazmin, PLUSSED’s potential for impact lies in the replicability and accessibility of the model. A hub for innovation—for piloting new learning methods and models and connecting educators and learners—it is flexible enough to work across cultures and geography.