The Truth About Gender Equality in Cuba

The representative added that the Government was aware of the need to work outside its institutions and was working to train police, among other authorities, to increase their sensitivity to domestic violence. Education was necessary to empower women, so they had all the tools possible to help them document complaints of violence. Addressing article 2, on administrative and legislative anti-discrimination measures, the report notes that Cuba’s national action plan, made as a follow-up to the Fourth World Conference on Women, has the status of a decision of the Council of State. It entered into force on 7 April 1997 and included 90 measures for adapting the areas of interest covered by the Beijing Platform for Action to the circumstances, needs and interests of Cuban women. ❌ Never show any kind of disrespect for her country, her culture, her political system, and of course, her family. That’s just the easiest way to end a relationship with one of the Cuban girls.

The primary reason is that it is difficult to learn a second language as an adult. Another reason is that finding time to learn a new language while struggling to financially support and spend time with family may be impossible. She often has trouble pronouncing English words and speaks with a heavy accent. Among the contemporary depictions accused of promoting the “Latina bombshell” include Iris Chacón’s image, Naya Rivera in Glee, and Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s music videos. She talks, dreams, reads, sings, dances, eats and sleeps with sex, except by doing it. Perhaps I’m exaggerating, but what is certain is that they spend much more time talking than acting.

Other questions focused on remedies for discrimination, and the role and tasks of the Federation of Cuban Women. Cuba was the first country to sign, and the second to ratify, the Convention, and in keeping with that spirit, the necessary and adequate conditions exist in the country to guarantee and protect the rights of women in all spheres of society. Postmarital residence was patrilocal.Extended families are found in forty- percent of Cuban households. In 1991, almost half of the Cuban population of 10.7 million was under the age of 30. Since many of them are Republicans, they tend to take a hard stance against immigration and justify it by saying the immigrated legally. Everyone can join one of the top online dating sites and meet beautiful Cuban girls, but a man should also know some common rules of dating a Cuban woman, and you can find them below.

The issue of sanctions on the prostitutes’ clients should also be addressed. Trafficking of Cuban women in the region had become an issue, she noted. Many Cuban women speak English, they don’t necessarily dance all day and all night, and not all of them dream of leaving the country at all costs. Just try not to focus on things that most people think they know about local women and even local men, and just express interest in personality and try to learn more about a culture from local ladies themselves. Men who want to date Cuban girls, including those who are ready to pay for an opportunity to find a Cuban wife, often skip this step and don’t pay enough attention to their own profiles.

  • Though it may seem that Cuban women and men don’t have much to share, they are incredibly generous, and that’s directly related to another common national characteristic—kindness.
  • When compared to Yakelín, whose aforementioned story is addressed in this chapter, Nadia’s privilege is starkly apparent.
  • Addressing article 2, on administrative and legislative anti-discrimination measures, the report notes that Cuba’s national action plan, made as a follow-up to the Fourth World Conference on Women, has the status of a decision of the Council of State.
  • In 2019, 86.9% of women of reproductive age (15-49 years) had their need for family planning satisfied with modern methods.

Sitting in their offices, rocking on the sidewalks in front of their clubs or drinking coffee, they talk for hours about sex. The art of seduction is for Cubans a kind of national pastime of manhood — “a sport and a trial of manhood” —, but the bag must be taken care of. Avoid, apparently, any “eye contact” if you don’t want to have a carnal relationship with a Cuban man. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Cuba may be small, but the gentleness of Cuba”s people is not, said Ted Lyon during the Wednesday, Nov. 7 international forum. This first edition of the Biennale della Fotografia Femminile with the theme of “work”, was hosted in historical venues throughout the city of Mantova.


Despite the changes that occurred officially after the revolution in regards to gender, the culture of machismo, so common in many Latin American countries, is very much alive and well. For example, women are the ones expected to keep house and cook meals.

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In response to questions on land ownership, a representative said that an agrarian reform law passed many years ago had addressed the concerns in that regard. Women had assumed ownership under the wave of agrarian reforms, which had distributed property to people working the land. Since then, women had also enjoyed the right to land ownership through inheritance. In the sugar-growing industry, both Cuban and Haitian women enjoyed many of the same educational and other benefits, while each maintaining their own culture. Mr. MORENA stressed that the country had assigned a priority to prostitution and related issues.

Chapter 2 delves deeply into the experiences of young Cubans who fit—and frequently contradict—the jineterismo framework. Daigle compares how men and women negotiate their identities in the face of economic pressures, pervasive stereotypes, and “real” desire. The case studies she presents in this chapter illustrate the variety of relationships and intimate encounters that exist as part of jineterismo. For example, Daigle interviews Nadia, a young mother who formerly pursued relationships with male tourists during her time as a university student.

Latin America is generally considered to comprise all of the politically independent territory of the Western Hemisphere other than Canada and the United States that was originally colonized by the Spaniards or Portuguese. Latin American stereotypes have the greatest impact on public perceptions, and Latin Americans were the most negatively rated on several characteristics.

After the last general election in 2003, 35.95 per cent of the deputies were women, up from the 27.6 per cent of women who had claimed spots in the People’s National Assembly in the previous legislature. The report notes that, at the end of 2002, Cuba had a population of 11,250,979, and women accounted for nearly 50 per cent, or 5,626,954. Nevertheless, Cuba’s will to create and strengthen various mechanisms — legal, institutional and cultural — had tackled those obstacles hindering the protection of women’s rights and their participation on a equal footing with men in all arenas, he said.

But there exists a historical-cultural stereotype relegating women to the domestic sector, to the care of children and the sick, which many times puts the brakes on women’s professional advancement. I wish there existed spaces where we women had more support regarding childcare, maybe some institutions to support single moms that want to raise their children, but also grow professionally. One of the challenges of the Cuban woman is dealing with time, dividing time between all the domestic tasks, my role as a mother, my professional development and my own down-time.” Philosopher, 36 years old. This course is a reflection of social movements happening today in Havana.