With over 100 years of collective experience, those at PLUSSED+ have come to see that there are not enough innovative, scalable solutions in education that are translatable to all types of schools. Those without much experience or expertise develop solutions for schools that are neither practical nor useful.

Remarkable and robust research, that has proven to be true time and again, lies fallow and inert while young people who could benefit from it remain disengaged in schools that have not made conscious attempts at changing. We are not preparing our young people for the challenges of the world we currently inhabit, let alone that which they will encounter in the future. There needs to be a new type of educational organization that seeks to solve this problem. PLUSSED+ is determined to be that organization.

Here at PLUSSED+, we offer our non-for-profit studio as a centralized hub – bringing students, teachers, researchers, and designers together – to imagine, design, develop and translate new and innovative learning tools and services to improve learning for all schools at all levels (system-wide, classroom-based, co-curricular, and for faculty development).

We envision a world where education strategy is deeply rooted in the science of learning; where new tools and practices are developed for all types of educational institutions. We envision an education system that values human-centered design collaboration between designers, teachers, researchers and students to help improve the quality of education. Finally, we envision an education system that honors and stresses the importance of professional development for teachers and aspires to provide effective implementation strategies to build internal capacity and reinvent schools.